String FAQs

Made in the U.S.A.

Spool Thread Co. is a product of the United States of America.

Length & Thickness

All Spool Thread Co. string is considered fat and long. It should measure ~55 inches (~1.4 m) and be on par with other popular manufacturers "FAT" thickness.

Break-In Period

Like most string, there is a break in period on this string. Unlike most string it isn’t right away. A quirk of this string seems to be a middle break in period. Fresh out of the bag the string feels great, plays great. After some play you may notice it beginning to act a bit funny. Instinct would tell you to swap it out, but I urge you to play through it. Once you break in past that period, your string will become even better (at least in my opinion). This is nylon, and a very durable nylon at that, so these should last you a nice bit of time.

Slippery Knot

Some people complain of having a slip knot that will come loose very easy. We find the easiest way to combat this is a double wrapped slip knot.

  1. Pull string through loop like you are making a normal slip knot.
  2. Now pull the same string around one side of the loop, and back through the loop again
  3. This will create a slip knot like usual, but will notice that the loop actually wraps around the single string forming a lock.

Life Extension

To bring some color and life back into your string you can wash it. We recommend doing this manually by mixing some detergent and warm water in a container and washing the strings by hand, then rinsing them completely, hang dried. Some prefer to throw them in a pocket and wash them in the machine. If you do so, please put them in a pocket that will seal (like a pocket with a zipper). Also note… IF WASHING WITH OTHER CLOTHING OR GARMENTS, PLEASE USE COLD WATER. STRING COLOR CAN BLEED IN WARM OR HOT WATER.

Further more, to get rid of any fraying that may have occured you can, very very briefly, run a flame across the string. This should burn off any fray. Be careful though, anything longer than a split second will melt the string itself, forever ruining it.


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Further Questions?

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