About Us

Spool Thread Co. was derived out of an experiment. All of the string on the market seemed the same. All the same materials, colors, durability, and for the most part, feel. It seemed as if everyone was putting all the attention on the yo-yo itself, but none on the part that actually binds you to the object, the string. It is what translates all movement and feel from you to the yo-yo, and the yo-yo to you. It all looked the same. No deviation from the standard.

With two types of thrower in mind, the player and the collector/photographer, I set forth experimenting with different materials, construction, technique, and looks. Taking input from community testers, I have finely tuned the construction – the thread count, the torsion, as well as spin technique – to be something quite unique and much more enjoyable.

The Player

Starting with the material, I sought something that was incredibly soft and enjoyable to touch and feel. I wanted this feel out of the box, or a week of play later. I landed on a nylon material. Not only does this give a soft feel, but being constructed from nylon, has incredible durability. Lending its hand to durability is the method in which Spool Thread Co. twists the thread into string. Taking various cues from the methods of basic string and rope making, Spool Thread Co. uses a blend of twists to form the string. This adds to its structure, increasing the strength and durability. Finally, the way it simply plays. Due to the material and construction, Spool Thread Co. string is denser than most strings, while retaining the same size. This helps with whip and slack movement. Hearing the sound they make moving through the air will give a whole definition to why the movements are called whips. There is also a notable lack of thermal buildup. The string moves along itself, and your skin, generating less friction. This leads to faster play, less string burn (if any), and longer durability.

The Collector/Photographer

People like to show off their collection. They put pride in what they have collected over time. With the modern anodizing techniques being used on yo-yo’s today, and the available finishes, they have never looked better and more appealing to the eye. The problem was there was no string out there that lived up to that same standard. Why not give people the option to highlight their yo-yo even more so? Make their pictures more pleasing to the eyes? I aimed to have something that would give you the option to make that accent color pop further, or add a touch of color to a solid yo-yo. With the material used you will also notice a clean finish, rather than the typical fuzzy finish. This will lead to less of a halo effect in photos, as well as give off a great sheen in the light. Even if you don’t find your self throwing all of your yo-yo’s, if you have them on display, why not make them look that much nicer?